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The water park Océanile

Discover the pleasures of outdoor water: swimming pool with waves, waterslides, lazy river Torrent, bathroom tub, River buoys, Geyser, waterfall, children's aquatic games

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The circle of the sailing of the wood of the Chaize regattas

The races are open to classic yachts, to the different classes of the international metric gauge as well as one of the series shark and Dragon designs.

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Center equestrian Pony Club

The Menisiere Street
85330 Noirmoutier
Such 02 51 39 59 38

Sailing school ladies Beach

Such 02 51 39 32 62

Castle Museum

Castle Square
Such 02 51 39 10 42


Lock Street
02 51 39 08 11

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The Cinéscénie of Puy to the crazy, the biggest night in the world show!

On a scene of more than 20 hectares, you enter in history alongside actors 1000 thanks to cinema-quality sound and a deluge of special effects. You will relive the hours of glory of the Puy of the crazy of the middle ages to the second world war as if you were there. Almost 2 hours of intense emotions and 700 years of history, for a giant fresco which has already attracted over 7 million viewers.
The Cinéscénie of Puy to the crazy, the biggest night in the world show!

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The large park of the Puy du Fou

The large park of the Puy du Fou, rediscover worlds and epochs thought to be forever missing. Relive the circus games where Gladiators and wild beasts reign supreme. Chill to the attack of the vikings to the Fort of the year thousand. encourage your favorite Knights at the foot of the Dungeon. Dream before the incredible ballet of the birds of prey. The Grand Park offers you a fabulous trip through history.
Get ready for a journey in time!

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Saint John of mountains Golf

The Loire Valley Avenue
85160 St Jean Mont
Such 02 51 58 82 73

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