Internships outside of July and August.


Jean Dalric offers a mini-theater workshop from 3 days to 5 days to develop your ability to speak in public and you express yourself working diction, voice break, maintaining and breathing.

You can combine the pleasure of enjoying the guest house at a preferential rate, the exercise of speaking, four hours a day, at the touch of a theater that will teach you the basics of the art theatrical.

Course Price: 150 € 3 days or 5 days € 200.

20% discount on the package price of the room and breakfast.


“L’AMOUR MASQUE” de Sacha Guitry.

“L’AMOUR MASQUE” de Sacha Guitry.


ASTROLOGY “Know thyself and you will know the universe and the Gods”

Jean Dalric offers an introduction to astrology to awaken to the influence of the planets that govern your natal chart.

You can also associate the pleasure of enjoying the guest house at a discount to the personalized study of your chart, two hours per day, at the touch of a man passionate about the art of self-knowledge:

Carte du ciel astrologique

Carte du ciel astrologique